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The Ritter
  • Named after the German word Ritter, meaning Knight, these cufflinks are a contemporary rendition of a knight's shield. The carfully carved ridges give the shield greater depth and a modernistic approach to classic knight armour. The narrowing of the cufflinks to their outer corners, and the widening of their upper corners, is characteristic of a noble knight shields. 


    • 14K/18K Yellow Gold or Rose Gold
    • 14K/18K Cufflink Backing
    • 12.3gr Total Weight 
    • Handcrafted By Kaiser Atelier


    All pieces depicted in these photographs are studio samples which may show small imperfections. Customers will receive made to order pieces that will not contain these imperfections. Kaiser Atelier uses natural precious stones, therefore slight variation in stone coloration is possible.

    The Ritter

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