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Each and every piece of Kaiser Harvel's jewelry is made by hand using the centuries-old technique of lost-wax casting. The process begins by sculpting an original model of the desired piece. Precision tools—scalpels, files, x-acto knives, and miniature spades—are used to shape and shave hard carving wax to perfection. (Even the slightest nick or flaw will show in the final piece.) After carving, a thin coat of Wax Bright is applied to eliminate any micro-scratches, smoothing the surface and protecting the finished model.


Using this “positive” piece, a mold is cast to create its opposite: a negative, hollow space surrounded by silicone that will be filled with melted precious metals to form individual pieces of jewelry. Once removed from the mold and cooled, each can be fitted with stones and brilliantly polished. 

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